Kavanna Tan

#I started my photography career in 2004
#Invited to onfm for exclusive interview on photography experience
#Mywed.com International Photography Platform Malaysia’s No. 1 Ranking Holder
#Listed in the Biography of One Hundred Business Enterprises – Influence of the Times
#Inclusion in BRITISHPEDIA-Successful People in Malaysia (Encyclopedia of Malaysian Successful People)

#列入BRITISHPEDIA-Successful People in Malaysia(马来西亚成功人士百科大全)


Sassha entered make up industry from age of 19. She enjoy doing her profession because not only can transform a person to a beautiful bride and also the satisfy of every bride shown on their face. Her 13 years of non-stop training just to be sure what is the best and perfect technique for every bride who trusted her .

as a make-up artist, perfect combination of technology and skill must have experienced and patient to bring out what is the best for every different bride. Sassha believe communication is a part that can’t be skip, you will never know what is suitable for you if you don’t have a professional to talk with.